Let our certified tech come to your location and do a clean install or upgrade of Windows 8.1 for you. Statistic shows that  manufacturers install to many software advertisement trials on your system and 90% of them are just hogging up your system resources slowing it down.

That annoying renewal notice form antivirus that just don't seem to go away or that product registration popup that shows even after you registered like a 100 time are all sitting in your system, gathering data and sending it to companies. One call can save your identity and have a faster working system.

Our tech will ensure that all data is safe get rid of all the junk ,install proper drivers for all the hardware and ensure proper working of your system while providing you with possible upgrade solutions and advise you how to improve performance.

Note: Data backup can increase the pricing if total process including installation driver download etc takes over one hour from the point Tech arrived. Its advise that you do a back before the arrival of Tech. if possible and have all the original CD's available to reduce cost and time     


Windows 8.1 install

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