what is a wifi mesh?

A wifi mesh is a group of different Access Points/Nodes working togather to create a network to connect wired or wireless equipment.

Mesh implementations are limitless.

If you are facing problem transferring signal  from point A to point B.

Extend range if your wifi network.

Turing a wired network to wireless.

Providing Wifi internet in a Hotel, RV Park etc

Wireless Voip phones, Handheld Scanners, Wireless Printers "Zebras"  

Transferring transmission from IP security cameras.

Wireless Intranet.

Reducing cost and signal loss due to distance

These are just a few examples of how Wifi Mash can help you reduce cost and provide reliable communication. Our equipment can provide multiple SSID from a single nod, all equipment use POE injection technology which reduce cabling cost.

Whatever the requirement is give us a call and a lead tech can visit your site ,design your network give you estimated cost and will provide you with estimated install finish time.

As at Bestway Computers we are determined to provide you A to Z solutions the best way.

Wifi Setup Commercial

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